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Training Tips
1 - Know what you want :
  • Conduct a training audit to identify topics to focus on
  • Identify your specific needs regarding these topics
  • Identify staff who require training
2 - Know when you want the training :
  • Identify when you will have adequate cover
  • Schedule morning training for maximum alertness, participation and retention of information
3 - Choose your trainer carefully - consider :
  • Their level of expertise in the subject required
  • Their rapport with your staff
  • Their reliability
  • Their effectiveness
Your choice of trainer is critical. The ideal trainer combines a good knowledge of a subject with the ability to teach without intimidating, boring or overwhelming your staff.

4 - Prepare your students :
  • Be clear as to where the training is being held
  • Be clear as to when the training starts and ends
  • Tell students to arrive 15 minutes early to register
  • Give students course information in writing
5 - Prepare the room :
  • Make sure it's quiet and free of distractions
  • Provide tables or clipboards to write on
  • Make sure it's large enough to be comfortable
  • Ensure it's adequately ventilated and illuminated
  • Provide any necessary equipment eg: flip-chart
6 - Listen to the feedback :
  • Find out what your staff thought of the training
  • Find out what your trainer thought of your staff
7 - Follow-up :
  • Discuss what was learned in staff meetings
  • Quiz your staff monthly to reinforce learning
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