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Report Writing
This course description is not a contract and content may be subject to change.
Accidents and incidents happen, and when they do they need to be documented correctly.

This three hour course emphasises the importance of prompt, accurate and thorough documenting of accidents and incidents. It explores issues that staff should describe in their reports, and also common errors staff should avoid.
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Report Writing

Three hours

Introduction / Refresher

Literate staff of all disciplines and levels

To help staff write accident and incident reports that are accurate and informative

Class size:

Up to 15 students

- What an accident / incident report is
- Why we write reports
- When we write reports
- How long our reports are kept for
- Who might read our reports
- Parts of an accident report
- 5 Ws of report writing
- Report writing exercise
- Prompt completion of reports
- Additional documentation
- Test





Lecture, group discussion, exercises

Students are assessed on the basis of their performance in the class and in the summative test at the end.

- Common Induction Standards
- CQC Essential Standards
- Diploma in Health & Social Care
- Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

- Attendance forms
- Workbooks
- Knowledge tests
- Lecture notes
- Feedback forms
- Certificates
- Reinforcement exercises
- A4 Laminated posters

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